tan MUN


18-19 January 2017


Most Esteemed Prospective Participants of TanMUN 2017,

My name is Nisa Akdemir, and I have the honor of acting as the Secretary-General of TanMUN 2017, which will be held between 18-19 January, in Private Tan High School.

As the Academic and Organization Teams, we have been working tremendously hard to provide you with the best Model UN experience you can ever have and hopefully introduce the Model UN world to you in the best possible way we can. Therefore we selected the committees that we thought would be the most applicable ones for our delegates.

As a family that grows every single year, we will be profoundly hosting more than 200 delegates in 4 unique committees this year: GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee, GA2: Economic and Financial Committee, United Nations Human Rights Council, and the Security Council.

As a result of the unfortunate events which had taken place in the last few years all around the world, DISEC will be discussing a controversial topic, “The question of arm sales for commercial benefits”, where the delegates will be challenged to defend the profits of their nations besides trying to ensure global peace.

ECOFIN will be mainly focusing on the economically developing countries and trying to diversify the economic activities of them, to ensure the sustainable development of economies of such, on the agenda of “Ensuring economic diversification of natural resource dependent nations”.

UNHRC will be discussing one of the biggest issues of today’s world: “The refugee resettlement”. Our world has faced and is still facing a huge refugee crisis, which led to many other problems on the diplomatic field, unexpected shifts in political blocs and rapid fluctuations in global economy.

This year, we will have a very challenging crisis committee for the first time, which is the UN Security Council, having two crucial agendas: “Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts” and “The question of Syria”. Discussing such agendas that are exclusively related to each other, will hopefully give the delegates the chance of coming up with more comprehensive and effective documents, while tackling immediate crises that may arrive at the committee, at any time.

Finally, on behalf of our Academic and Organization Teams, I profoundly welcome you all to the fourth annual session of TanMUN, and I wish you all the best of debate.


Secretary-General of TanMUN 2017